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Introducing: The Healthy Boost Pre-Made Branding Kit

Are you planning on opening a healthy food restaurant, a juice and smoothie bar, or an online health-focused brand? Then our Healthy Boost Semi-Custom Branding Kit is the perfect fit for you.

With a bright and energizing color palette, unique fonts, and a handful of curated brand elements, you can launch your new healthy bar branding in no time!

Read on below to learn more about the Healthy Boost Branding Kit.

Healthy Boost Brand Personality

Each brand comes with a personality, and the Healthy Boost brand is a prime example of eye-catching healthy food brand ideas that’ll help your business stand out.

The brand words for this brand are:


Example of Juice Bar Logo Placement for the Healthy Boost Branding Kit by Zhillmatic

Example of Juice Bar Logo Placement for the Healthy Boost Branding Kit

Who Is the Healthy Boost Branding Kit For?

If you’re passionate about health, whether that’s fresh juices, smoothies, energy bars, or salad bars, Healthy Boost is the right choice for you. It’s energetic and modern, with a strong color palette and carefully selected brand elements to help you stand out.

Healthy Boost is the perfect organic food shop branding for stores selling exclusively online and in physical locations. It's a great fit for juice bar branding, health and lifestyle bloggers and influencers, healthy restaurants, wellness coaches, and organic food brands.

The Healthy Boost Branding Kit is for the health entrepreneur who wants to offer groundbreaking products or knowledge to improve their customers’ health and wellness.

It’s for the healthy recipe blogger who genuinely wants to help their readers eat better. It’s for the health influencer who’s honest about their health journey and wants to help their followers be healthier and happier.

Best Organic Food Branding Moodboard for the Healthy Boost Branding Kit by Zhillmatic

Best Organic Food Branding Moodboard for the Healthy Boost Branding Kit

Sounds like you? Get your semi-custom Healthy Boost Branding Kit here.

Whether you’re passionate about health in general or have a specific niche, Healthy Boost is a modern, vibrant, energetic branding for health and wellness that’ll make your brand noticeable and memorable.

Healthy Boost Branding Kit Main Features

Color Palette

Healthy Boost’s color healthy brand color palette is bright, fresh, and happy, with colors that’ll work great whether you're looking for a health blogger brand color palette or you own an organic food brand. We chose a vibrant color palette that you can use in so many ways in your social media posts, on your website, promo materials, store signs, and packaging.

There’s juicy orange and a bright yellow, with a deep green to represent the healthy aspect. We also chose salmon pink and light gray for when you want to switch things up without affecting the brand flow. health blogger brand color palette


For Healthy Boost, we chose simple yet bold and eye-catching fonts that look clean, legible, and strong, whenever and wherever you use them. They’ll work great for your promo materials, packaging, business cards, and all other brand and business elements.

Logos and Submarks

For Healthy Boost, we chose a citrus slice that can be used for juice bars, healthy food restaurants, blogs, organic health products, and more!

The submark is easily distinguishable on social media and you can use it as a main juice bar logo, on salad bowl stickers, paper bags, drink cups, food labels, website favicons, business cards, watermarks, and email signatures.

Healthy Brand Promotional Items

Healthy Boost comes with a set of health-focused promotional items including social media icons and a branded pattern design that you can use on packaging paper, social media graphics, promotional materials, and your website,

The add-ons available for Health Boost include a note card, business card, and email signature. Learn more about these add-ons here.

Why Choose Our Branding Kits?

To us, branding isn't just our bread and butter. It’s also our purpose. We love creating brands for multi-passionate, creative people who strive to make a difference with their products and follow an unconventional path.

So what makes our branding kits different from all the rest?

The fact that we care about how your brand appears in the world. Our main goal is to help you shine and unleash confidence in your offering. We want to help your business and one of the ways we do that is by offering ready-made branding kits.

Healthy Food Pre-Made Branding Kit by Zhillmatic

Ready to Launch Your Health-Focused Brand?

We know starting a business is challenging and overwhelming and we want to help out! We want to save you time and make sure you launch your brand the right way.

If you have any questions about our semi-custom branding kits, feel free to read through our FAQs page or send us an email.

As you start to take your first steps towards launching your dream business, we’ll be right here cheering you on!

Ready to launch your health-focused brand?

Get your Healthy Boost Branding Kit here!


Healthy Boost Juice Bar Branding Kit by Zhillmatic


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