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Introducing: The Magnolia Wellness Pre-Made Branding Kit

When we think about wellness, we think about self-care, organic and clean skincare, wellbeing rituals, and taking care of our mind and body.

This is why we created Magnolia Wellness - a branding kit for the mindful entrepreneur who believes in mind-body health.

Featuring carefully-selected wellness brand colors, fonts, and brand elements, Magnolia Wellness will give your brand a voice and a visual like no other.

Read on to discover the wonderful Magnolia Wellness Semi-Custom Branding Kit and all it has to offer.

Magnolia Wellness Brand Personality

With Magnolia Wellness, we thought about the message your brand will be sending. Wellness is a lifestyle and so are your products and services so these were the best wellness branding words we chose for Magnolia:


Moodboard for the Magnolia Wellness Pre-Made Branding Kit by Zhillmatic

Moodboard for the Magnolia Wellness Pre-Made Branding Kit

Who Is the Magnolia Wellness Branding Kit For?

Magnolia Wellness is perfect for brands who want a pure, organic, and heart-aligned brand identity. It’s also great for wellness and lifestyle bloggers and influencers, yoga studios and teachers, and organic skincare brands offering groundbreaking wellness brand products.

The Magnolia Wellness Branding Kit is for the whimsical wellness entrepreneur who’s ready to change the world with their ideas. It’s for the passionate yoga teacher who knows how to guide their students gently yet firmly.

It’s for the wellness blogger and influencer who wants to make a positive impact on their readers and followers. It’s for the dreamer who’s willing to follow their dreams and finally go for it!

Sounds like you? Get your pre-made Magnolia Wellness Branding Kit here.

Whether you’re brainstorming wellness branding ideas or have a specific wellness niche, Magnolia is a versatile, multi-purpose branding kit that’ll make your brand stand out.

Thank You Card for the Magnolia Wellness Pre-Made Branding Kit by Zhillmatic

Thank You Card for the Magnolia Wellness Pre-Made Branding Kit

Magnolia Wellness Branding Kit Main Features

Color Palette

The Magnolia Wellness color palette is natural, neutral, and soft. We chose a gentle muted green to give your brand an organic look, as well as hues of violet and pink for a feminine touch.


For Magnolia, we chose simple and minimalistic wellness fonts that look clean and streamlined wherever you use them.

Wellness Brand Logo Design and Submarks

Magnolia’s logo is unique, yet universal so you can stay on brand no matter what type of product or service you’re selling.

The submark is the perfect wellness brand logo design for social media, stickers, favicons, or watermarks while still making sure your brand is visible and coherent.

Promotional Materials

Magnolia Wellness comes with a set of wellness icons with a natural motif, along with a beautifully designed pattern featuring soft florals. You can use these elements on social media graphics, package design, promotional materials, and your website.

As for add-ons, we designed a Magnolia Wellness business card, note card, and email signature, all of which you can purchase here.

Why Choose Our Branding Kits?

We love branding with all our hearts. It’s why we made it our livelihood and our passion. We love designing luxury wellness brands for creative, passionate visionaries who want to make a difference with their business and forge a new, more heart-aligned path for themselves.

So why should you choose our branding kits over other similar ones out there?

Because we care. We care about your success and how you position yourself out there. We want to help you show up with full confidence in what you have to offer. We also know beginnings are tough.

We want to help you ease into the world of entrepreneurship and we do that by offering branding kits that’ll provide a solid branding foundation.

Wellness Pre-Made Branding Kit by Zhillmatic

Ready to Launch Your Wellness Brand?

We want to congratulate you on taking a bold step toward your dreams and making them a reality. Starting a business is challenging and takes courage, strength, and a powerful mindset.

This is why we created our pre-made branding kits: to help you launch your new brand the right way without the overwhelm.

If you have any questions about our branding kits, you can read through our FAQs page or send us an email.

Ready to launch your brand new wellness brand?

Get your Magnolia Wellness Branding Kit here!




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